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HARN Conference – Saturday, 15 January 2011

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Held in the Department of Archaeology, Downing Street, Cambridge

Speakers & Abstracts:

Chris Evans, Historiography and Fieldwork – Mucking’s Archive

Heather Sebire, English Heritage, Antiquarian Pursuits in Scotland in the late nineteenth century

Catherine Sutton, York University, Joseph-Charles Taché’s Explorations in Huronia: 1859-1864

Helen Wickstead, Kingston University, London and Martyn Barber, English Heritage, Why, and how, do we need visual histories? Hallucinations, movies and the surprising story of aerial survey

Megan Price, Persecution and survival: the experience of the Jewish refugee, Paul Jacobsthal

Dr. Kathleen L. Sheppard, American University in Cairo, The Tomb of the Two Brothers: Margaret Murray’s Manchester Mummies

Colin Wallace, University of Liverpool, ‘my beloved adopted country’ – ‘Anglo-Spanish’ archaeology, c1890-1940, and the Whishaws

Jodi Reeves Flores, University of Exeter, Experimental Archaeology as a Scientific Approach

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