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And now for our Spring Update!

March 28, 2010
  • Our decision to expand the membership of HARN beyond graduate and postgraduate students has led to some exciting new members joining. From professors to professional archaeologists to highly motivated undergraduates, we are looking forward to new topics, conversations and contributions. Check out the updated “Members” section for more information.
  • Look for the May issue of the Bulletin for History of Archaeology. This issue features entirely HARN members’ work! More details to come…
  • Have a look at our new Publications page under the members’ section of the website. This is a place to publish regular updates about history of archaeology-themed published works by our members. We’ll try to keep it current, but please feel free, if you are a HARN member, to post your own references, and keep us all in the loop!
  • SAA and TAG Brown are coming up, and the history of archaeology and HARN members are featured at both.

If you are going to the Society for American Archaeology Conference in St Louis, be sure to take in the following session on the History of New Deal Archaeology, chaired and organized by HARN member Bernard Means:



Room: 220 (AC)

Time: 1:00 PM–4:45 PM

Organizer and Chair: Bernard Means


1:00 Bernard Means—Brother, Can You Spare a Dime… for Archaeology? The New

Deal and American Archaeology

1:15 Mary McCorvie—The New Deal in Illinois Archaeology: an Introduction

1:30 John Doershuk and John Cordell—Project 1047: New Deal Archaeology in Iowa

1:45 Gregory Lattanzi—The First Stimulus Package: The WPA and the New Jersey

Indian Site Survey

2:00 Janet Johnson—Beginnings of Historical Archaeology in Pennsylvania

2:15 Amanda Regnier, Scott Hammerstedt and Patrick Livingood—WPA Archaeology in

Southeastern Oklahoma: The Clement and McDonald Sites

2:30 David Dye—An Early Mississippian Mortuary Complex at the Gray Farm

Site(40SW1) in Stewart County, Tennessee

That’s all for now!

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