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Tourism as Colonial Policy?

October 17, 2011

Tourism as Colonial Policy? The History of Heritage Tourism in British Mandate Palestine and Transjordan

9 November 2011; 10 am – 6 pm
114 Foster Court, UCL
A reception will follow at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL

During the interwar period, the League of Nations granted Britain Mandates to administer territories previously controlled by the Ottoman Empire – and so British Mandate Palestine and Transjordan were created. Regular archaeological work had been going on for over 50 years before the Mandates came into being, but under the British administration a new era for archaeology began. This one-day workshop explores the public face of archaeology – heritage tourism. From guidebooks for personal exploration to guided tours and museums, Tourism as Colonial Policy? will feature papers examining heritage tourism within this ‘colonial’ framework, illuminating the social context to archaeological work in the region, and giving us a historical view of the development of tourism as the modern Middle East emerged after the First World War. Recently digitised images and documents in the UCL Institute of Archaeology’s archives relating to the travels of archaeologists George and Agnes Horsfield will be on display.

Papers include:

  1. Zionist Tourism during the Mandate
    Professor Michael Berkowitz
    Professor of Modern Jewish History, UCL Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies
  2. Tents, Tours and Treks: Archaeologists, Antiquities Services and Tourism in Mandate Palestine and Transjordan
    Dr Amara Thornton
    Honorary Research Associate, UCL Institute of Archaeology
  3. Austen St Barbe Harrison and the History of the Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem
    Silvia Krapiwko
    Archaeologist, Israel Antiquities Authority
  4. Collectors, Crusaders, Carers and Tourist Networks
    Dr Beverley Butler
    Senior Lecturer in Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies, UCL Institute of Archaeology
  5. Harry Pirie Gordon and the Palestine Guide Books
    Professor David Gill
    Professor of Archaeological Heritage, University Campus Suffolk – Ipswich
  6. Thomas Cook’s Tours and the Palestine Exploration Fund
    Felicity Cobbing
    Executive Secretary and Curator, Palestine Exploration Fund

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This workshop is funded by a UCL Grand Challenges Collaborative Pioneer Award. It is free and open to the public. Please visit: to reserve a seat. For more information, please contact Amara Thornton:

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