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Financing Archaeology: The Economic History of Archaeology – Perspectives of the Past for the Future

February 2, 2012

On 2 May 2012 a workshop will be held at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, funded by the UCL Institute of Archaeology and hosted by the Institute of Archaeology History of Archaeology Network.

Financing Archaeology will address directly the issue of funding in archaeology at a time when funding for research is in jeopardy. By taking a long-range view of the ways in which archaeologists have dealt with limited funding (particularly government funding) in the past, the workshop will provide a historical background to current economic debates on funding an archaeology, tying the historical context firmly to the modern day. It also will also provide a platform for discussing public engagement in archaeology, and the (economic) value of archaeology in a broader social and political context.

Papers have been requested on any of the following themes:

  • Stretching the Pound: Excavation Funding on Site
  • “We publish an Appeal…”: Fundraising for Archaeological Work
  • “You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours”: Marketing and Publicity
  • “Let’s Get Together”: Collaboration and International Links
  • “And Thanks Go To…”: Does Research Follow Funding?
  • Archaeology Combats Unemployment

The format will be 6-7 historical papers and 2-3 papers on modern day financing.

Please RSVP to Amara Thornton ( if you would like to attend, or if you are interested in giving a paper. Some funding towards speakers travel is available.

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