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February 4, 2014


Fedra Alessandra Pizzato (, Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice/Universitat de Barcelona

I am a PhD student in Social History at the University Ca’ Foscari (Venice – Italy) and, thanks to a co-tutelage, at the Universitat de Barcelona (Spain). My doctoral dissertation deals with the History of Prehistoric Studies and Nationalism in Italy between 1871 and 1920 (Theories of populations and Italian nation building. The contributes of Paletnology, Anthropology and Archaeology to Italian national debate (1871-1920)). In particular, I am investigating the relationship between the early development of Paletnology and Paleo-Anthropology and the Italian nation building process. I am also examining the connections between local and official Archaeology in northern Italy to underline the multiplicity of contributes to the invention of regionals and national identities in the period immediately after the unification of the Kingdom of Italy.


Francisco Sánchez Salas ( University of Barcelona, Spain.

I am a doctoral student in the Department of Prehistory, Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Barcelona. I have a BA in History and an M.A. in Archaeology and Heritage Management, both from the University of Alcalá. I have been awarded a predoctoral fellowship by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness in order to develop a doctoral thesis on the international contacts of Spanish archeology in the twentieth century. My research focuses on the history of Spanish archaeology in North Africa. I am exploring who were the main Spanish archaeologists working in North Africa, but especially how the political context of colonialism influenced their projects and the interpretations made on the material culture they analysed. I am also analysing the relationships Spanish archaeologists developed with the local population and local academia as well as the links they established with archaeologists in other countries.

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