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February 21, 2014

Dear HARN colleagues

I know, I know, I promised exciting posts from Pamela and Gabe about the history of HARN, royalty and Freemasonry and instead I have a title that suggests disorganisation and a lack of inspiration. But, those exciting posts will appear, very soon, maybe even next week. And, even though I don’t have those posts for you I do have news of a couple of events, exciting events no less! I also have a bad attack of the British education system thinking it’s a good idea to give my child* a week’s holiday in the middle of February when it’s wet and miserable outside and said child is bored, bored, BORED by everything inside I suggest we do. However, that digression aside – the exciting events . . .

First exciting event – Amara Thornton has sent in this information about what’s obviously going to be a fascinating evening:

IoA History of Archaeology Network Event:

Pendlebury at Amarna

Film Screening and Discussion with Chris Naunton and John J. Johnston (Egypt Exploration Society)

Tuesday 25 March, 5-6 pm; Room G6 Institute of Archaeology

Reception to follow supported by the Heritage Section


John Pendlebury was appointed director of the Egypt Exploration Society’s excavations at Tell el-Amarna, Egypt, for the 1930-31 season. The ‘film record’ of excavations at Tell el-Amarna was made over the course of three seasons from 1930 to 1933.

Pendlebury embraced the idea of filming his dig in order to raise awareness of the importance of the work. In recording moving images at Amarna Pendlebury and his team could claim to be closer to the cutting edge.

The Lucy Gura Archive at the Egypt Exploration Society now holds the footage from these excavations,  capturing the life and work of this fascinating man and his team at a pivotal moment in the history of the site.

You can find out more about the Institute of Archaeology’s History of Archaeology Network here

This event is open to everyone not just UCL staff and students so I’m sure British based HARN members will be eager to attend, and I’d be delighted if one of you would write up the evening for this blog. If you’re interested then email me at and put ‘Weblog’ in the title. I’ll also take this opportunity to remind you all that if you give us details of your seminars, workshop, conferences etc or if you’re doing a call for papers, have written an article or book then send us the details (same email address) and we’ll happily publicise that information.

Second Exciting Event – again British based (my apologies to HARN members outside the UK, if you know of any non-UK events taking place then do let me know).

On Saturday 15th of March to celebrate International Women’s Day there will be a one day conference in York on Women in Archaeology 2014Details to be found here This should be a fascinating day, and anything that supports International Women’s Day gets my vote. However, I’m posting it here because, even though the poster doesn’t say so,  some of the papers on Gender in the Archaeological Workplace will be looking at the historical involvement of women in archaeology. Nor does it say – because of the above mentioned disorganisation caused by a whining bored child – that I will be giving a paper with Dr Anne Teather about 20th and 21st century British women archaeologists. More details will follow when I have them.

If you know of any other events, or if there’s anything you’d like to bring to our attention then do please get in touch. Hopefully next week I will have more brain and should have a post about HARN – the early days . . . .


* I know it’s not just my child who is on holiday this week, but it’s been a bit of a week and I’m taking it personally. Perspective, sense of proportion, maturity of outlook, all those sort of things will return next week, I hope.


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