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Best laid plans, or advice to the over 40s

March 14, 2014

Those of you attending the Women in Archaeology Conference in York expecting to hear me speak are going to be disappointed. My paper will be there, my powerpoint presentation will be there, I won’t be. Instead I will be at home with a bag of frozen peas between my shoulder blades. I have spent a lot of the last week with my bag of frozen peas and many and varied painkillers. This has been as much fun as it sounds, although I have also discovered what I can and can’t do with a bad back, I can knit, I can read, I can provide a warm cushion for cats and small boys – provided they don’t move around too much. I can’t cook, write, or type for any length of time. Standing is bad, walking is variable, lying down – with my peas – is best.

And the advice? When you feel a nagging pain between your shoulder blades, don’t ignore it, don’t think ‘I am immortal, I am in fact a superhero and pain does not affect me’. This, my friends, is a very bad move. This leads you to sitting in the British Library wondering if you can get up from your chair without pitiful and embarrassing sobbing.

I shall put up Gabe’s post later today, in the meantime I’m going back to my peas.



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