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Institute of Archaeology: History of Archaeology Network Events

April 25, 2014
Two upcoming IoA History of Archaeology Network events. All welcome, please RSVP to

Wednesday 30 April 2014, 5.15-6.15 pm, Room 209, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Ignorant peasants, patriot antiquarians and national benefactors from the West: Crypto-colonial and national archaeologies as identity politics in the Cretan state

Vassilios Varouhakis (University of Southampton)
The Cretan State (1898 – 1913) was  a semi-autonomous regime established on the island of Crete by the “Great Powers” (Great Britain, France, Russia and Italy), ending 250 years of direct Ottoman rule. The most significant archaeological projects emerged during this period. Mainly directed by western archaeological missions, their activities resemble the crypto-colonial attitudes displayed by the “peacekeeping” forces that were deployed on the island. A local elite of intermediaries emerged, incorporating members with multiple attributes, such as former revolutionaries, politicians, clergymen, self-taught archaeologists and collectors of antiquities.
This presentation explores the legacy of a prominent local archaeologist, Joseph Hatzidakis, tracing how archaeological practice affected local elites, the rest of the population, and the occupiers, as well as the relationships amongst all the above. It argues that Cretan State archaeology is a rather disguised case of both colonial and, in a peculiar way, conflict archaeology.  

Wednesday 7 May 20135.15-6.15 pmRoom 612, UCL Institute of Archaeology

The Griffith Institute Series: Annie Pirie Quibell and Rosalind Paget

Two intrepid Victorian women who went out to Egypt at the turn of the 20th century with Flinders Petrie…
Lee Young (Griffith Institute)


Lee Young will discuss how Miss Paget and Miss Pirie came to Egypt in the first place, and show how it was to live and work in Egypt through their paintings, the photographs of the period and the larger than life characters they met.

Julia added this note: If any of you are going to either or both of these talks and would like to write a review then please contact me via our email

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