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Specific Help Required

June 27, 2014

Here at HARN towers we’ve been thinking about the future; in particular what we need to do to ensure HARN continues to thrive. We’ve expanded a great deal in the last year and administratively we need volunteers to take on some of the work. In particular we need people with financial knowledge of fundraising and charitable status. We’ve been looking into becoming a charity, in Britain (at least to this uncomprehending researcher) it’s an enormously complex procedure and it isn’t clear whether we’ll actually gain anything if we go down that route. So, initially we need someone, who understands these things, to look into how we’d attain charitable status, whether we’d be wise to try, should we look outside Britain, to Europe or the USA? Anyone interested in taking on this role please email us

We also need to be more pro-active about fundraising for conferences and workshops. Some of you answered the questionnaire saying you’d be happy to take on this role. If you feel you could help then email us, we’d be happy to suggest ways and means, contacts and funding bodies.

If you want us to promote your talk or conference or seminar on the web pages we’re happy to do so. All we ask in exchange is that you agree to make HARN fliers available to attendees. Email us and we’ll put it up on the blog, in the newsletter, on Academia and either send you the fliers or the template so you can print them – doesn’t have to be anything flashy, we just want to spread the word.

Then there’s our presence at conferences and other events. None of the admin team can make it to the EAA this year, but we feel it’s very important to have some sort of HARN social happening. Again, any volunteers? There must be lots of our members going, it would be good if a meet-up was organised. Please email us and we’ll help to co-ordinate this.

Talking of conferences, we need to be present at as many as we can make. What’s coming up in your area? Do let us know any conferences you’re attending, whether as a speaker, delegate or simply as a spectator. Would you like assistance in organising a conference or seminar? We’d be happy to help, again email us

Is anyone thinking of organising a session at Manchester TAG this year? The closing date for session submission is the 14th July and the closing date for papers is the 15th of September, so if anyone is thinking of organizing a session you need to get a wiggle on. If you want to organize a session or poster display we can help you organize this, again email us There will be HARN social events taking place at TAG, details to come later, but if there’s anything you’d like to organize then email us and we’ll co-ordinate our activities.

The next meeting of the Society for American Archaeology is 2015 and being held in San Francisco, April 15-19 Deadline for submissions is Thursday, September 11, 2014, 3 pm Eastern Time. Are any HARN members going? Are you giving a paper? Let us know and we’ll promote it here. Would you like to attend or organize a social event? If so get in touch and we’ll facilitate this

North American TAG 2015 will be hosted by New York University Details to follow when have them.

Nordic Tag will be in Stockholm in 2015 Again, details to follow when we have them. But, it’s never too early to start thinking about possible sessions! Let us know if you want any help with this

And finally, next year the EAA will be held in Glasgow 2-6 September, 2015 We plan to organize at least one session for the meeting and there will be several other HARN events taking place. We intend HARN to be a significant contributor to the meeting, both intellectually and on a social basis. If you are interested in being involved, in any capacity, get in touch

Have a good weekend!


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    June 27, 2014 2:06 pm

    Hi, I am going to the EAA this year. If any other HARN members are going I would be happy to meet!

    best wishes,


  2. Kate Sheppard permalink
    June 27, 2014 2:33 pm

    Reblogged this on Adventures in History and Archaeology and commented:
    Would you like to be (more) involved in the Histories of Archaeology Research Network? Check out this blog post for some specific ways we need your help!


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