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Conference Season

September 10, 2014

It’s autumn!  Well, it’s turning autumn here in the middle of the Midwestern US tomorrow, supposedly.  That means: cooler weather, leaves changing, wearing jackets, and fewer bugs.  It also means conference time is quickly approaching all of us in and out of academia. 

Sure, there are conferences year-round and all over the planet, but the autumn is the time when summer prep of papers and projects are presented to hotel ballrooms full of eager listeners who will not fall asleep, but will ask excellent and insightful questions to help you further direct your already amazing research.  Or, it’s the time you get to rush to finish that paper and hope that more than 10 people show up to hear the nervously delivered theory about post-processualism that you aren’t sure of in the first place.  Then, the room is full of crickets and silence, until one person raises their hand to tell you what they know about their own topic and then ask you what you think about what they know.  (“Yes, thank you for that comment…”)

Ahem, yes, a question in the back?  Please?

Ahem, yes, a question in the back? Please?

Actually, in reality, it will likely be a mix of both.  We all have projects we are working on in various stages of completion, and in need of various comments, questions, helps along the way. 

Here I am presenting a partial list of the many conferences happening all over Europe and the US this autumn and next spring.  Are you presenting at one of these?  Let us know about your paper!  Send us your abstract so we can include it on the website.  Help us get some HARN people together for a meet-up or drinks.  Also, see below for possible CFP and put together a panel with other HARN members so HARN can sponsor your panel (see links to the left and above for finding other members).  Did we miss any?  Post them in the comments or email us at with information and we’ll post it!

EAA: European Association of Archaeologists, Istanbul, Turkey.  10-14 September 2014.  It starts today, so if you didn’t have plans to go you may be out of luck.  But here’s the program, and watch for next year’s CFP for Glasgow.

TAG: Theoretical Archaeology Group.  There are a few regional TAG groups–TAG (UK), Nordic TAG, and North American TAG.  All have their own conferences.  TAG Manchester is coming up in December! Nordic TAG took place in April 2014, but will be in Copenhagen in 2015.  North American TAG will be in May, 2015 in New York. 

SAA: Society for American Archaeology.  The 2015 Conference will be in San Francisco, CA in April. 

HSS: History of Science Society. The 2014 Conference is in Chicago, IL in November.  The 2015 Conference will be in November in San Francisco, CA.  There is no link for 2015 yet, but stay on the HSS page for CFP.

BSHS: British Society for the History of Science. The 2014 Conference was held at St. Andrews, but 2015 will be at Swansea. 

AIA: Archaeological Institute of America.  The 2015 Conference will be in New Orleans, LA, jointly held with the Society for Classical Studies (SCS). 

Most of these are larger conferences that allow for a number of different disciplines to participate.  There are many, many more small conferences available.  We don’t have the space to list them all here.  If you’re presenting at one, or many, let us know! We would like to get larger HARN contingents at many of these larger conferences by sponsoring panels in 2015.  If you’re interested in organizing a panel or being on one, please let us know ( 

Search around the sites given above for other conference notices.  There’s a lot of great scholarship happening among us and our colleagues and we really want to know more about it.  We are a network of scholars and need to work together!  Put together panels, meet other members, speak with other scholars who know more about other things.  Where is everyone going this autumn?  What are you presenting?


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