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Changes* and a HARN Conference

October 9, 2014

We (as in ‘we the HARN administrators’ not ‘we, as in me but I feel ‘we’ sounds better’) have been planning some changes ever since we had the results of our survey back in January, they’re not major changes but hopefully they’ll lively up the place somewhat.

First and foremost, the inestimable Jonathan Trigg has offered to compile a HARN bibliography. All our publications in one place! Sounds like an excellent scheme to me. I have no idea how he intends to do this but I’m sure you’ll be assisting by sending him an email detailing past and forthcoming publications. Address it to and put bibliography in the subject line, or use the form on the contact page.

Allied to that we’re intending to compile, and publish on the blog, an index of people’s research interests and list the relevant HARN members under each heading. Hopefully this will make it much easier for everyone to find their interest group and contact each other about relevant matters. I’ll be doing that over the coming months and do get in touch if you’d like to add more detail than is present in the brief biography we each have.

We have been intending to update the HARN Conferences and Workshops page like, for evah! Ulf, who, like Jonathan, obviously needs less sleep than the rest of us, is going to be working on adding past HARN events adding programmes, abstracts, lists of participants and the like. If you’ve taken part in any HARN event then do email him with your information. Oh golly! I guess we should do the AGMs too – any volunteers for that?

I still like the idea of having regular book and article reviews and reviews of conferences and workshops, if you’re interested in writing a review, or if you’d like to get more involved with running HARN you’d be more than welcome. If you’re unsure what’s needed then do have a look at this post and this one, or email us with your own suggestions for how we can improve HARN.

And, finally – one of the main points raised by the survey and individual members is that they would like a specific HARN conference. One idea we’ve had is to organise something in Glasgow either immediately before or after the 2015 EAA meeting – on the grounds that many international HARN members will be attending the EAA. Does the timing and location sound like a good idea to you? Would you be interested in participating in such a conference – either giving a paper or as an audience –  and if so what themes would you like to see covered? Obviously this will take a tremendous amount of planning, fundraising, organising etc so again we’re asking for volunteers to help with this.

Get in touch! We really do want to hear from you with suggestions, criticisms, ideas to improve HARN, offers of help – we would love offers of help!

Have a great weekend


*It was inevitable my brain would get to Bowie eventually

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  1. Marga permalink
    October 11, 2014 10:33 am

    Hi everybody,

    Regarding EAA Glasglow 2015 – what about organising a session at the conference itself? A session on the history of archaeology could perfectly fit into the “Legacies and Visions” theme. See

    Also, I have been reading a series of biographical articles published in the journal Buried History. Journal of the Australian Institute of Archaeology and thought that many of you would be interested in knowing about them. I thought they were great. The articles are: – Geoffrey H. Movius, Nancy Ch. de C. Movius and her ‘unusual career’ 11 – Robert S. Merrillees, Veronica Seton-Williams: A proud Australian Archaeologist 17 – Phillip C. Edwards, Redemption in the Land of Archaeological Sin: great excavators in the Middle East during the 1920s 23 [ON DOROTHY GARROD AND GERTRUDE CATON-THOMPSON, WITH SOME INFORMATION ABOUT NINA LAYARD] – Christopher J Davey, G.R.H. (Mick) Wright: A remarkable Australian archaeological architect 37




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