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December 3, 2014


Juliette Desplat ( The National Archives, UK

Juliette specialises in Middle Eastern history in the 19th and 20th centuries, especially looking at the development of national identities, the comparison of the French and British colonial ideologies and practices in the region and the interaction between politics and archaeology.

She holds a doctorate in British Studies/History of Ideas from the University of Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle (The Triangular Relation between France, Great Britain and Egypt from a Politico-Cultural Point of View, 1869-1922), and currently is the Head of the Foreign and Contemporary Team at The National Archives of the United Kingdom as well as the chair of the WW1-related Middle East workstream.

Joanne Ball ( University of Liverpool

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Liverpool researching methodological approaches to Greek and Roman battlefield archaeology. I am also interested in the historiography of ancient and medieval battlefield research, particularly antiquarian exploration in the C18 and C19.

Welcome, Juliette and Joanne, and many thanks for joining our community!

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