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February 6, 2015

Not, thankfully, of the sinister kind. Rather they’re of the ‘oh, better mention that’ variety.

First up – thanks to the wonderous Kate we now have a Twitter account. Do drop by and say hello. We’ll be keeping it updated so it’s worth following us to get updates.

I’m saying ‘we’ and ‘us’ but I really mean Kate, Jon and Ulf, I have discovered that keeping to 140 characters is not my forte (stop laughing, I can do brevity, it’s just I choose not to, ah-hem) plus in order to do linky things I’d have to read some instructions and frankly that’s just not going to happen!

Second – for those planning on attending the HARN workshop or the EAA, be warned that although there’s still room in the hotels, all the student accommodation has sold out. There are obviously some very organised people out there who immediately booked as soon as registration opened. The good news is that Glasgow is a big city and so there is plenty of other cheap accommodation, but you’re going to have to put in a bit of legwork. It’s worth having a look on the Tourist Information pages, tripadvisor and more specific sites such as this.

Third – the workshop itself is coming together really well. We’ve had a tremendous amount of interest from you all and I think it is going to be a truly exceptional event.

We’re in the process of finalising the details and will, hopefully, be announcing the programme shortly. We’re intending producing a poster that we can email out to you all so you can display it in your institution and we’ll be sending it off to as many other places as we can think of, if you have any suggestions then let us know. Remember we want to attract as many people as possible and really publicise the work HARN members are achieving.

Fourth – as part of this finalising we’ve realised, regretfully, that we’re going to have to charge a registration fee. We’re going to have to hire somewhere in Glasgow to hold the workshop and because we’re not Glasgow University members we’ll have to pay the commercial fee. We’re looking into other venues, but to cover the cost of any venue we’re going to have to have some sort of fee. We’re working on keeping this as low as possible, and trying to ensure the speakers are exempt, at the moment we think it will be in the region of £10. I’m going to start emailing sponsors and if we can get external support that will bring the costs down. Again, if you know of a – cheap – venue, or if you can think of potential sponsors then let us know.

Fifth – the workshop is open to anyone, members and non-members alike. However, we want some idea of the numbers likely to attend – this affects the size of venue, catering etc – so we’re calling for pre-registration. If you’re interested in attending the HARN workshop let us know, by email, twitter or whatever form of communication you prefer.

I’ll get back to my usual pointless wittering soon, I promise, in the meantime

have a great weekend


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