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HARN Conference

May 1, 2015

Finally* I give you the (drum roll and fanfare) HARN 2015 Conference:

HARN International Conference

Confirmed Speakers from Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States of America

1st September 2015 – 9.30am to 5.30pm

City of Glasgow College

Conference Fee – £5 in advance/ £10 on the day

Email for details and registration


or @HARNgroup for updates

I’m going to be sending out emails later today with a poster attached, if you could print it off and put it somewhere prominent in your institution that would be most helpful. But do spread the word as well, send the poster to as many people as possible, tell everyone you know – let’s make this a really successful HARN event!

And, on that note, have a fantastic weekend


* We’ll gloss that everything would have been ready a month ago if I’d been using this year’s calendar, not last year’s. Sigh. Good job Ulf spotted that.


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