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Round Up – Conference: Adalbert Cserni and his Contemporaries; Member of the Month; HARN Conference 2015

May 15, 2015

I apologise if the title has you humming either Woody’s Roundup or Rawhide or some strange mash-up of the two (although that may just reflect my abiding love of the young Dan Aykroyd mixed with spending too much time watching Toy Story) but it seemed appropriate given all I have this week is snippets of news*.

First up I’d like to thank Rana for such an interesting piece last week. I know nothing about the development of Iranian archaeology so for me this was particularly informative as well as showing the breadth and depth of HARN members’ research. Next month (June) Bishnupriya Basak is our Member of the Month and her research deals with the development of archaeology in India over the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries – again it’s absolutely fascinating so I know you’ll enjoy reading it.

Everyone on our email list should now have received a copy of the HARN Conference 2015 poster with a plea to circulate this. If for some reason you haven’t been contacted directly by me then either you need to sign up to our email alerts, or something’s gone wrong! You can download the poster from the blog entry here and we would be grateful if you could publicise this amongst your friends and colleagues. It’s going to be a brilliant day, we have a truly international set of speakers talking about all kinds of archaeology, we’ll be publishing a programme soon. We’ve had several enquiries about submitting papers for the conference, sadly we can’t fit in any more papers, and believe me we have tried! However, we are already planning HARN 2016 so if you have a topic you’d like to talk about watch this space . . .

On the subject of conferences – we’ve been sent the following call for papers by Csaba Szabo a Ph:D. candidate in archaeology and ancient history at the University of Pecs and Max Weber Kolleg in Erfurt.


You can see the whole programme here. While one of the topics to be discussed is the life and work of Adalbert Cserni, the cfp is not specific to Romanian archaeology rather it asks for papers focussing on the social and academic networks of archaeology; techniques and methodology of urban archaeology; museology; and the politics, ideology and archaeology. Participation and accommodation for speakers is free (free! They’re even supplying meals! You just need a paper and the fare to Romania). I imagine they’re going to be inundated so make sure you send off those proposals before the 15th of August 2015.

Have a great weekend


*I’d hoped to have a book or museum review for you this week – I have both the book and the museum I’d like to review in mind, but nothing has gone quite as I’d planned. My attention has not been on work this week. Initially I was distracted by the general election – and why are they called ‘general’ elections btw? Then I was distracted by raging about the results, horrified by there being another earthquake in Nepal and spending a ridiculous amount of time following the Kevin Pietersen saga and emailing to and fro with Jon about it all. Add in small and not so small children and not a lot of productive work was getting done even before my son came to tell me that ‘Daddy’ (who had come home from work a couple of hours previously complaining of feeling a bit rough) was lying ‘asleep’ on the bathroom floor. It turned out Daddy had in fact fainted and, as my worried son suspected, was really not well at all. Thankfully it turned out not to be as serious as it looked, but we had a very fraught weekend. This weekend will be better and who knows, I may even get some work done!


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