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Call for Papers – PEF and the Early Exploration of the Holy Land

July 2, 2015

PEF and the Early Exploration of the Holy Land

The Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF) is the oldest exploration society of the Levant. Since its establishment in 1865, PEF scholars have engaged in pioneering work in many fields of scientific research of the region. Among the PEF achievements were the first archaeological excavations in Jerusalem, the Survey of Western Palestine and also significant developments of the archaeological method by W. M. F Petrie and others.

In 2015, the PEF marks 150 years of its foundation. The University of Haifa and the Gottlieb Schumacher Institute invite paper presentations for the conference “PEF and the Early Exploration of the Holy Land“. The conference will take place in Haifa on December 20-21, 2015. Papers on the following topics or related topics are welcome:

  1. Early scholarship work of the PEF in the 19th and early 20th
  2. New studies/ re-assessment of PEF explored
  3. PEF and the study of Archaeology and History of Jerusalem

All of the paper presentations are to be delivered in English and are limited to 20 minutes. Selected papers will be published in a proceeding volume.

Paper proposals (up to 250 words) must be submitted online. Proposals submitted before August 1, 2015 will receive full consideration. Posters on the above topics are also welcome for a poster session.

All presenters are expected to register to the conference after the acceptance of their paper proposal. Registration fee is $40 (students $20).

Participants will be invited to a partially subsidized field trip to explore the PEF early works in Jerusalem.

Inquiries should be addressed to the Organizational Committee:

Organizational Committee:

Dr. Anat Kidron, Gottlieb Schumacher Institute, University of Haifa   Dr. David Gurevich, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University


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