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History of Archaeology sessions UISPP, Melbourne 2017

July 4, 2015

International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences Scientific Commission “History of Archaeology”

The next meeting of the UISPP will be in Melbourne, Australia in September of 2017, The History of Archaeology Commission is very keen to organize sessions that reflect a global approach to the history of archaeology, and the fact that the conference is in Australia provides a great opportunity to attract colleagues from all over the Asia-Pacific region, as well as from the Americas, Africa and Eastern and Western Europe which have traditionally strongly supported our conferences.

At this early stage we are seeking expression of interest from colleagues who have an interest in furthering the aims and objectives of our Commission. At the last UISPP conference (2014 in Burgos, Spain) there were several important sessions related to the History of Archaeology, and we wish to improve on this. At present our goal is to attract organizers of sessions, and we have already received an expression of interest related to a session on the History of Archaeology in the Pacific, and for a session on the History of Archaeology in Australia. Nonetheless there is room for other sessions that need not necessarily be organized around geographic themes – for example around the history of theory in archaeology, the history of the archaeology of mining, the history of wetland archaeology, the history of rock art analysis or indeed the histories of major archaeological societies – to name just a few. Please include a short abstract outlining the goals of any proposed session and your estimate of the number of people who may wish to present papers.

We are also very interested in ensuring a good attendance at the Melbourne conference. The conference website has been launched ( which contains useful information – particularly about deadlines. During 2016 the website will significantly expand providing more detail about the conference, tours, the city of Melbourne, and of course the UISPP itself. Colleagues will need to join the UISPP to attend the conference and full details about this can be found at: It is UISPP policy that attendance fees for the conference will be reduced by membership fees paid for 2015-2017, which provides an excellent reason for joining the UISPP as soon as possible!

Session organizers should also be aware that the papers presented in the History of Archaeology sessions will be published. The papers from the Burgos conference will be published by BAR in a special UISPP series.

Please circulate this notification as widely as possible. Please direct all queries related to the History of Archaeology sessions to the Commission Cordinator for Melbourne 2017 Tim Murray ( Queries concerning the Commission should be directed to the President: Marc-Antoine Kaeser, (

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  1. July 4, 2015 6:31 pm

    conference website link is:

    • harngroup permalink*
      July 4, 2015 9:17 pm

      Thanks Erik, I was sent this by the UISPP and didn’t check the links before I posted it – my bad! I’ve changed it in the text.

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