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July 23, 2015

I wanted to leave the HARN conference update post up for a long as possible to remind you all to come and hear the wonderful papers that are going to be given, but last week we received an intriguing email from Fleur Schinning who is currently a master’s student at Leiden University. She’s asked for the assistance of HARN members – and anyone else who reads this or other archaeology blogs:

I am currently writing my master’s thesis as a part of my specialisation in Heritage Management at Leiden University in the Netherlands, in which I am supervised by Monique van den Dries. My research will focus on the use of blogs and social media and how they contribute to the accessibility of archaeology in the Netherlands.

Public archaeology has been developing considerably in the Netherlands for the last couple of years, but much can still be improved concerning public outreach activities. This is why I have decided to focus my research on communication methods that are favourable in our current digital age and might make archaeology more accessible for a wider public.

For my research I will be looking at several blogs from both the UK and USA; in these countries blogging seems widely accepted and used a lot as a tool in creating support for archaeology, and I have come across some very interesting and successful blogs.

To be able to explore how blogging in archaeology contributes to public archaeology, I would like to question the bloggers and blog readers of these blogs. This is where my request comes in. I have set up a questionnaire in which I ask the visitors of your blog several questions regarding their motives for visiting the blog and so on.

The questionnaire can be viewed here. All participants also have a chance to win a small prize; 6 issues of Archaeology Magazine!

So, if you can spare a few minutes of your time, head over and answer Fleur’s questions. She’s promised to send us a summary of the results which I’m sure will make interesting reading.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to email us and register for the HARN conference!



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