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August 14, 2015

I think I have a blind spot when it comes to school holidays: every time I blithely assume all will be well, I will get work done, children will have a good time but largely entertain themselves. Ha!

So – in brief. The HARN conference is only 18 days away, do send us an email saying if you’d like to come and you’ll get the reduced fee £10 in advance £15 on the door remember. I’m really looking forward to the conference and to meeting you all.

In other news Kate is speaking at the Petrie Museum on the 9th of September. Kate will be talking about Margaret Murray’s work on Malta, her training of Gertrude Caton-Thompson and Edith Guest and Murray’s informal network of female archaeologists. This is going to be fascinating so book your place now.

And, Christine Finn has launched a new blog about writing her biography of Jacquetta Hawkes. Finn launched the site on the 5th of August – Hawkes’ birthday – so I’m a bit late to the party. No surprises there! But, go and check it out, it’s about so much more than archaeology and takes a very different slant to traditional biography. I think it’s going to be extremely interesting.

Right, I have to go and do something to entertain my children, it’s raining so I suspect I’ll be doing my usual trick of baking something ‘Look, biscuits! A game you can eat! Shut up! It will be fun!’

I’ll try to be more coherent next week, in the meantime have a great weekend,


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