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September 2, 2015

Madonna not Green Day, think cheerful rather than political – not that there’s anything wrong with political, obviously, but we were having a day off. And what do HARN administrators do on their day off?

Well, they register for the EAA is what they do initially, but then there was no stopping us, oh no! I tell you we went wild in Glasgow!

First there was thisIMG_0070

and thisIMG_0069

There was cake too but we ate that before Kate could photograph it. Then we went hereWP_20150902_13_11_50_Pro

Where there is this a herbal garden and the oldest house in GlasgowWP_20150902_13_09_47_Proand thisWP_20150902_13_10_10_Pro

Haven’t a clue, but it looked good, as did thisWP_20150902_13_10_05_ProThen we went here


– because what better way is there for a bunch of archaeologists to spend their afternoon than at a cemetery? Ulf was enjoying himself, no really, he was.



Aren’t the gates wonderful?


We wandered around poking our noses into mausoleums


Admiring tombs


We called on John Knox


Went to the cathedral


Admired more memorials



Ate a lot of Greek food, wandered the streets of Glasgow ooohing and ahhing and generally behaving like tourists, before heading back to HARN towers. Jon, Kate and Ulf braved the outside world again and went for tapas while I got to lie on the settee and watch Bake Off, because I am that rock and roll!

Tomorrow the EAA begins and I will be going to a yarn shop and the Botanic Gardens attending many sessions.

Hope to see as many of you as possible in the next few days


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