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My Trip to The British Library

October 14, 2015

Because I love the British Library and because I once saw Phil Jupitus at Euston Station and he looked so worried I wanted to go and hug him!

Adventures in History and Archaeology

This post will not be full of deep insight.  It will not be full of intelligent ideas and thoughtful analysis.  It will basically be a good story with no moral.  Maybe it will boost morale?  It will be one of those posts where, if it were a conference question it would begin with “I’m struck by…”  So here goes–aren’t you excited already?

Part of my research trip in September was to London.  While I’ve already posted about my time in the amazing EES archives, I haven’t told you about my time at the British Library.  If you’ve never been, and you have the chance to go, it is easy to get to if you’re in London, so you should definitely go!  They have amazing permanent displays, as well as temporary exhibits.  They have talks and lectures open to the public, films, family events and more.  If you’re interested, see

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