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The History of Archaeology in Action, or, In Which “X” May Actually Mark The Spot

November 12, 2015

Excellent post by Kate, and cheerful, so in complete contrast to me then!

Adventures in History and Archaeology

First, thanks to Shereif Nasr, Chris Naunton, and Meegan Neeb for helping in my adventure.

When I was in Cairo in September, not only was I doing research for a new project, I was also having fun.  How can you not?  Cairo demands you enjoy yourself.  From the beauty of the Nile, to the energy of the city and the fun-loving people who live there, it’s hard not to join in.  On the flip side of that, Cairo can make you tired, and quickly so.  The energy the city gives off also means you use a lot of energy, too.

The Nile, Cairo Tower, 6th October Bridge The Nile, Cairo Tower, 6th October Bridge

There are so many options—the new, modern, desert developments offer high-end shopping; the older, 19th century buildings offer hints at the city’s “belle epoque;” the even older medieval souks offer textiles and tourist trinkets as well as important cultural experience.

El Fishawy El Fishawy

Turkish coffee and mint tea at Fishawy Turkish…

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