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Archaeology in Film Part 1: Who’s Been Polishing the Sun?

November 17, 2015

Speechless! What a joy!

Adventures in History and Archaeology

I’ve been doing research on a new project.  It’s mostly new, even though the ideas have been milling about in my head for about 5 years.  With the first book done, and the child born and into toddlerhood, I can finally move forward with some of this new stuff!

That being said, in the midst of some searching for Shepheard’s Hotel in Cairo–the one off the Azbakiya Gardens that was finally destroyed by revolutionaries in 1952, not the one on the east bank of the Nile that is being refurbished–I have found some interesting and fun things.  First, if you’re looking for a good book about hotels, including Shepheard’s, look no further than Andrew Humphreys’ book The Grand Hotels of Egypt in the Golden Age of Travel (Cairo: AUC Press, 2011).  He also has a website where he adds even more images and new stories.  Don’t miss it. He…

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