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Historical How-To: Splitting up Finds

March 15, 2016

Another fascinating post from Dr Kate

Adventures in History and Archaeology

A month ago, over the span of about 10 days, I had multiple trustworthy sources tell me I JUST HAD to read Mary Chubb‘s fabulous Nefertiti Lived Here (1954).  The book is her memoir about her first-ever excavation at Amarna with John Pendlebury and his crew in 1930.  It is a fascinating read.

Chubb is almost anthropological in her participant-observer writing style.  She opens the book in a dark, wet, dreary, London basement (of the Egypt Exploration Society) as she is looking for a “painting from a Theban tomb which was wanted for some publication or another” (7).  Upon searching, she found a piece of glazed tile at the bottom of the large box that held a number of scrolls.  As she studied the tile, which had lotus flowers on a blue background, she was spellbound.  She recounted:

“I was holding something that had scarcely been touched since it…

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