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March 18, 2016

I’ve been hoping all week that inspiration would strike and I’d have a proper blog post for you today. It hasn’t. It’s been one of those weeks where my brain has veered between ‘meh’ and a somewhat bewildered ‘fnugggh?’. The children haven’t been very well, Rick has been doing field trips and either out doing evening lectures,  or lost in the Lakes, or picking up presents for the soon-to-be-10 year old, and I’ve discovered (again) that if I was (if I were?) a single parent my children would not survive longer than about a week. So, kudos to single parents whatever our unpleasant government says. I’ve also discovered that the 4 year old has a passion for clothes and shoe shopping that far exceeds mine. This isn’t difficult, I get bored after one shop and whine unattractively if made to carry on, but even so her stamina is really rather scary. She tried on shoes for 45 minutes on Wednesday, I was close to weeping by the time we actually left the shop and insisted we go to a cafe to recuperate whereas she was all for going to more shops with more shoes. At least the soon-to-be-10 year old only does this with shops selling Lego and my input is limited to finding somewhere quiet to sit with my book until he’s decided how he’s going to spend my money. Turns out not only do I have to assist with getting shoes on, I then have to express an opinion and ‘yeah, sparkly, whatevs’ or ‘no, I said trainers’ is not the right answer.

do have things to tell you, but not yet: either because they’re still being sorted out e.g. HARN 2016, or because I’m waiting for photos – the nearly 10 year old and I fulfilled an exciting and slightly archaeological ambition last week – so I’m left with a week of ‘meh’ and ‘fnugggh?’. Let’s look on the upside, did you read Kate’s post about Mary Chubb? If not, go and read it now, it’s a good introduction to Mar Chubb’s work and Kate makes some important points about how archaeologists divided their discoveries between their sponsors and host countries. Back when I was starting my PhD research I read both of her books and Agatha Christie’s Come Tell Me How You Live which are useful and fascinating accounts of life on an excavation – at a particular point in time and a particular place. Both women write well and engagingly – as you’d expect with such an experienced write as Christie, but Chubb is no slouch either. (Reading Amara’s blog I discovered Mary Chubb had also written Archaeology Alphabet books – something I’ll have to look for the next time I’m in the British Library.) Sadly, I’ve never discovered an equivalent account of British excavations, if anyone does know of such a thing do tell me.

Also on the upside, a friend sent me an email this week about how there’s a company who will turn your cremated ashes into a vinyl record. It’s good to know that the spirit of Bronze Age potters, Dr Toope, supply-your-own-example-here, lives on. This has been causing much macabre humour as we come up with fitting songs to be recorded on our final album, while The Crazy World of Arthur Brown or Bruce are obvious ones, I favour The Poynter Sisters, or The Talking Heads, or if I’m feeling intellectual (although I think we’ve established I’m certainly not even slightly clever this week) Lloyd Cole and the Commotions.

What would be your final track?

And on that jolly note, have a great weekend



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  1. Monica Barnes permalink
    March 18, 2016 12:44 pm

    Or you could get your cremains made into a diamond


    • harngroup permalink*
      March 18, 2016 2:29 pm

      Same company will turn you into ‘art’
      A friend of mine announced (at her mother’s funeral) that she wanted to be made into a diamond and then her son could use it in an engagement ring, there was a very long pause before her son said ‘So, I can’t get married until you’re dead?’ His girlfriend didn’t look thrilled either. On reflection the son would probably be better off waiting until my friend was out of the way but none of us dared say so 🙂

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