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CALL FOR PAPERS: HARN and Swedish Institute Conference 2016

March 23, 2016

We are pleased to announce the HARN and Swedish Institute in Rome 2016 Conference.  We will post more details here, on the 2016 Conference Page on this blog, as they become available.  We look forward to getting your proposals.  Feel free to share this CFP with any of your lists or people you see fit.

Histories of Archaeology in the Greco-Roman World
Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome, 20-21 October 2016

The history of archaeology constitutes an important and steadily growing field of study. Classical archaeology or the study of the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean has a long tradition to build on, but it is only in recent decades that this long history has been the subject of more systematic critical investigation and contextual assessment that reach beyond the conventional stories of great men and their discoveries. Significant aspects and implications of the discipline are often neglected or overlooked because they are beyond the scope of these traditional histories, many of which are of course fine pieces of scholarship that have managed to reach an extraordinarily wide popular audience. This two-day conference will address various problems relating to early 20th-century Mediterranean archaeology, with special focus on the study of Greek, Etruscan and Roman cultures from the Archaic to the late Roman period and including Asia Minor, Egypt, the Near East and other regions that were once part of the Hellenistic world and/or a province of the later Roman empire. We welcome contributions that will contribute to a more balanced or holistic picture of the discipline and its various practices in the first half of the last century, including the post-war years. Proposals are invited for individual papers that deal with any aspects of the discipline (in the broadest sense) covering the period c. 1900-1950. We also welcome proposals for full sessions of 4 related papers. Topics can include, but are not limited to:

the history of excavation and publication projects
histories of individual actors, groups and/or institutions
the problem of so-called “instrumental actors” versus “common” practitioners
histories of collecting and collections
cultural heritage legislation and management
archaeological societies, congresses and exhibitions
political aspects
archaeological theory and practices
interactions between centre and periphery
war-time archaeology
popular reception

To Propose a Paper: Please send a word document, with your name, institution affiliation (or note that you are an independent scholar), contact information, a paper title, and an abstract with 250 words or less. Full session proposals should contain a session abstract (max. 300 words). For proposals for full sessions, please include the titles, abstracts, authors and contact information for all 4 papers. Each paper should be no more than 20 minutes long, with 10 minutes for questions (a total of 30 minutes)

Proposals should be sent as word attachments to before Friday, 22 April 2016.  Please make the subject of the email “HARN conference proposal”.

Organizing committee: Kristian Göransson (Swedish Institute), Ulf R. Hansson (University of Texas at Austin), Julia Roberts (University of Central Lancashire), Kathleen Sheppard (Missouri University of Science and Technology), and Jonathan Trigg (Liverpool University).

The Histories of Archaeology Research Network (HARN) is an interdisciplinary network which provides an overarching, international, cross-institutional structure to promote communication about shared ideas and innovative new work. As a collective, we attempt to untangle the histories and philosophies of archaeology and reconstruct the lesser-known social, political and intellectual aspects of archaeology’s history. Check out HARN at, on Facebook,, and Twitter (@HARNgroup). HARN membership is free, but not required in order to submit proposals either for papers or full sessions. Authors of accepted papers or sessions are nevertheless invited to join, as are all other interested individuals who work on or have a strong interest in the history of archaeology and related fields of study.

The Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome is a research institute founded in 1926. The institute has a distinguished history of archaeological research in Italy and has played a key role in the international collaboration between the many institutes and academies in Rome. This conference is one of several events occurring throughout 2016 to mark the 90th anniversary of the institute.

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