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Easter Break

April 15, 2016

You thought that was back in March, didn’t you? Not according to various schools in Lancashire, no, no, no! Easter break begins 2 weeks after Easter but just to confuse us all it’s still called ‘Easter Break’ rather than ‘Spring Break’ or ‘Random Fortnight We’ve Decided Should Be A School Holiday’. To further confuse parents, not all schools in Lancashire are following this pattern, so the 4 year old has finished her holidays but the 10 year old has only just begun. Yes indeed mathematically astute readers, that does mean a month of holidays rather than a fortnight. Unsurprisingly, I am a little tired and tetchy, but by the time you read this the whole family, regardless of who has holidays when, will be in Scarborough and hopefully my eye twitch will have eased.

Scarborough. Oh, Scarborough! To you a seaside resort in the North East of Britain – it’s here btw, not the Scarborough in Canada, Australia, South Africa, the USA, or Trinidad and Tobabgo – to me it’s a haven of grandparents, things to entertain children and someone else to do the cooking/ cleaning/  laundry etc. And, as well as 2 (TWO!) beaches, donkeys, ice creams, a funfair, an independent eccentric department store (I love eccentric independent department stores) there’s Peasholm Park

the North Bay Railway


North Bay Railway –

SeaLife, Scarborough Castle,

the Rotunda Museum, of which I’ve written beforeDalby Forest is close by, York isn’t far away, there should be enough things to keep the horrors children occupied. We may even manage to sneak in some archaeology or history while they’re not looking.

Even if it rains the entire time we’re away I’m hopeful that with the adults outnumbering the children 2:1 I will be a saner and more relaxed blogger the next time I post.

Until then, have a great weekend and week




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