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April 20, 2016

I’ve run out of words, really, I have none left. The clever ones have gone into writing (part of) a chapter and all the other ones, repetitive requests, commands, explanations have been used up on the children. I’m particularly lacking conjunctions. So, bullet points it is

  • I’m going to the Global Histories of Archaeology in the Field Conference on Friday. I’m very excited about this, it looks great.
  • I’m only slightly envious that while I’m there the 10 year old is going here and then to see this chap. Ok, am very envious of the bubbles.
  • I have a guest post for you from Csaba Szabó about the Béla Cserni Conference.
  • I’ll report back from the Global Histories. Probably.
  • Unless I give you the 10 year old’s critique of The Amazing Bubble Man.
  • The 10 year old – I can’t keep calling him that, but for adoption reasons I can’t name him here, likewise the 4 year old. I’m tempted to re-name them Mortimer and Tessa or Flinders and Hilda for blog purposes. I will consider this, maybe.
  • Boris Johnson said, back in March, that British archaeologists should rebuild Palmyra. I assumed he had no idea there might be actual Syrian archaeologists better qualified for the task – should rebuilding take place – and ignored it because the man’s an unpleasant fool so why give him the time of day?
  • Then he rather ruined this wonder.  Boris, it’s barbaric to bomb people too you know?
  • Again – how about everyone stops with the killing?
  • On a lighter note – for a long time I assumed FYI was much the same as FFS,  I am so not down with the cool kids.
  • Nope, no idea what I thought the I signified.
  • I’m so glad I never used it and made myself look a fool, or even more of a fool.
  • Don’t forget to get your abstracts for HARN 2016 to us by Friday.
  • Send healing thoughts to HARN member Clare Lewis – she’s had to go back to hospital for more operations on her back.
  • This means she doesn’t yet know I’ve cocked up the application to open a HARN bank account.
  • Oops.
  • I’ll be back next week, coherent and full of vim.
  • I know, I said that last week.
  • I’m an optimist.
  • In the meantime have a great week and weekend.
  • Look out for Csaba’s post, it should go out on Friday.
  • Julia

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