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Once Written, Twice Rejected: One piece of my #CVofFailures

May 3, 2016

Well, I’m enjoying Breasted the accidental spy

Adventures in History and Archaeology

Have you seen the trending #cvoffailures?  It stems from an idea from a 2010 article in Nature by a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, Melanie Stefan (@MelanieIStefan), that we should keep our failures close, so we can have some perspective on our successes as well as help encourage others.  Johannes Haushofer, a professor at Princeton University, took this idea and ran with it.  He is becoming famous for publicizing a CV of all of the jobs that he didn’t get, grants that didn’t get funded, papers and projects that got rejected, and more.  He argues that this CV has gotten more acclaim than the totality of his published work.  Some have argued that maybe he wouldn’t be so brave if his CV of success wasn’t so illustrious.  Well, I’m here to post a piece of specific evidence from my CV of failures.  You can see my CV of success…

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