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What shall we talk about today?

May 26, 2016

WordPress has been being awkward for the last couple of days. If by ‘awkward’ you understand me to mean won’t let me write anything other than a title, won’t let me save the title, won’t let me do anything other than stare at a blank web page as I furiously hit the keypad and watch nothing happen. Last week I was locked out of the HARN email account, I kept getting ‘Error 404 Forbidden Access’, which bemused me vastly ‘but, but, but I’m one of the administrators, whadya mean ‘forbidden access’? How can I be forbidden? I no understand!’ This is often the way of my dealings with the interwebs, I either fall down a wormhole of stuff-that-at-a-very-long-stretch-could-be-considered-to-be-relevant or I spend my time pathetically whimpering ‘Why? Why are you doing this to me?’

I’m sure all of these problems are entirely of my own making, I have undoubtedly pressed a button I shouldn’t have pressed, or there has been an external hiccup which is nothing to do with my ineptitude, but I don’t care, it is personal and it is unfair.

Talking of personal and unfair, tomorrow is the first day of my son’s half-term holiday. I knew half-term was on the horizon (despite the so-called Easter Break only finishing last week or whenever it was) I have it marked on the calendar, what I didn’t factor in was that it starts on a Friday. This wouldn’t be a problem – indeed it isn’t really a problem, it’s a whinge – but we are going to decorate his bedroom over the holiday. He’s going to have one of those loft/cabin/high up beds with a desk underneath. More storage – so he can squirrel away even more random bits and pieces – and the room is going to be re-painted blue, with clouds and glow-in-the-dark stars and planets. It will be lovely when it’s done, but I dread the getting it done part. Oh, and hamster ownership comes into it too, when it’s done there will be a hamster installed in there with him, no doubt enjoying the glow-in-the-dark stars and planets as it stays up all night on its wee hamster wheel, ensuring we all stay up all night listening to it on its wee hamster wheel.


‘Who me?’copyright

Why am I telling you all this? Because I have nothing else to tell you. I was going to talk about archaeology and ghost stories – there was an email conversation with Martyn (of course) and a slightly different one with Kate. It was going to be good, there would have been links and controversial opinions guaranteed to provoke discussion in the comments. Or, one of my favourite bloggers is talking about assumed identities and that led me on to thinking about how we assume the identity of an archaeologist – that was going to be a deep and thoughtful piece, also with links. Or, I don’t know, something that isn’t my decorating plans. Then WordPress refused to let me write anything. Then I realised I had one morning to do it because Friday is now marked down for putting teddies and books into boxes. But I don’t really have a morning because I need to find the boxes and given they’re in the attic it’s best if I do that without 4 year old help, which means now. Obviously I’m not actually doing it now, I’m writing this and drinking a cup of tea. But, I will be doing it soon, this is the preparation,  I’m calling it ‘forward planning’ maybe even ‘logistics’ you may wish to term it ‘procrastination’.

I think it’s best if you just talk amongst yourselves, I’ll be back next week, no doubt paint spattered and weary but hopefully with a brain full of archaeology and no technology problems.



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