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London Institute of Archaeology Events

June 1, 2016

Final IoA History of Archaeology Network seminar of 2015/16

9 June 2016 Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, 5.15-6.15

History of Archaeology at the National Archives

Juliette Desplat (Head of Overseas Records, The National Archives)

The National Archives of the United Kingdom self-describes as ‘the national repository for those of the records of the Government of the United Kingdom and of the law courts of England and Wales which are selected for permanent preservation.’ It is therefore probably not the first place one would go to if interested in the history of archaeology.

Yet, archaeology has very often, if not always, been a question of prestige mixed with geopolitical issues, and numerous government departments got involved in archaeological research. The National Archives therefore is the place (one of the places) to go to research archaeological matters.

The records of the Foreign Office, the Colonial Office, the War Office, the Air Ministry, the Ministry of Defence, the Ordnance Survey, the Ministry of Works and the Treasury, amongst others, contain a wealth of material that help historians of archaeology to get the bigger picture.

From maps to treaties, photographs to excavation diaries, sketches to draft laws on antiquities, this talk will consider the various types of content which can be found at The National Archives and the best way to access

World Archaeology Festival 2016

Saturday 11 June 2016, 12-5 pm.

Details available via

The Institute’s annual public engagement event offers a variety of activities aimed at a family audience.  The Filming Antiquity project will be screening a variety of recently digitised 1930s excavation film footage, so do come along!

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