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HARN Re-Welcomes New Members

June 22, 2016

Now with added information!

Esther Breithoff

Esther Breithoff is a Research Associate and Honorary Member of Staff in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol. Esther’s research interests lie primarily within archaeologies of the more recent past and notions of temporality.

For her PhD, Esther studied the Conflict Landscapes of the Chaco War (1932-35) in Paraguay. Her thesis discussed the relationships between indigenous people, Mennonites and soldiers, and argues how opening up to different ontologies and understandings of the Chaco bush can be a life‐saver in situations of conflict. Esther also examined the material culture of the war in relation to concepts of recycling, trench art and non‐modern traditional worldviews, and assessed the war’s physical remains in the landscape as material mementoes of a past that are firmly embedded within the present.

Esther is currently in the process of turning her PhD into a monograph and writing articles for peer review. Her other publications can be found on the Members Publications page, once Jon has added them to the list . . .

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