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Joyful thing the 1st

June 27, 2016

I’ve decided to spend this week looking for the joyful and positive. Whatever happens this week this blog is going to be positive and joyful, no matter what it takes!

Cheerfulness is the motto round here. Possibly communicated by flags in the style of Arthur Ransome or Arthur Conan Doyle


Today’s happy is: Discovering my understanding of plate tectonics and other geological matters is as sketchy as my understanding of geography. I semi-seriously suggested to Rick that if everyone who is talking about moving to Scotland to remain in Europe were to do so, it would cause Scotland to sink a bit under the weight which would raise England’s south coast and have the double bonus of making Europe that much closer and reveal all those submerged sites. Turns out this is unlikely on so many levels. But it is likely that house prices in Scotland will go up if just a few of the 48% Remain voters relocate there, which would be lovely for the Scots. I have suggested we move, as you know exchanging HARN towers for a tenement block worked extremely well last August/September – independent bookshops, coffee shops, wine bars, a university or 3, cemeteries, what’s not to like?

Happy 2 – This

Happy 3 – I have stroked calves today. I am an urbanite, as far as I’m concerned meat grows in sealed packets in the supermarket, I can stroke calves (and indeed cows, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, etc) with no hypocrisy. They were lovely with big snuffly noses and beautiful trusting eyes. I’m wondering if we could have some along with the hens.

Happy 4 – Hens. We had a hen fatality which was extremely sad (no, it was, Dolores was a hen of great character and we were all very fond of her. Urbanite, remember) but we now have two new hens, Sylvia and Nicole (who I’m convinced is called Diane, no, no idea why), they are also hens of great character and determination. Nicole believes hens roost in trees of an evening, so that’s added interest to our lives – if you can imagine trying to grab a black chicken out of a dark tree in the dusk while the cats get completely over-excited and the other chickens crow in alarm. Sylvia is seemingly more co-operative, but escapes at every opportunity. She’s become quite well known locally. Infamous is probably the word.


Happy 5 – I’m  going to London tomorrow (this is anticipating tomorrow’s happy,  but tomorrow’s happy is a conference notification, do look out for that). London, the Remain capital of England. I’m going to be among reasonable people and take 48 hours off from Lancashire people who overwhelmingly voted to Leave. Fisherfolk, I see your point of view, I don’t agree but I concede you have the right to your opinion, the rest of you are idiots. However, let’s not dwell on the idiocy, this blog is all about the positive, joyful, cheerful.

Happy 6 – I’m not going to London to work. I’m going to London to see friends, lunch, hang out and chat. I may go to an exhibition, I may not, I am that devil-may-care!

There will be more joy throughout the week. That’s a promise!



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