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Joyful thing the 3rd

June 29, 2016

Ok, so the attack on Istanbul airport is neither positive nor joyful, it is a dreadful thing . My heart goes out to everyone caught up in the awful madness of this latest assault.

But, unlikely as it seems right now, peace is possible; there’s a ceasefire between the Colombian government and Farc, Martin McGuiness and Queen Elizabeth II have met and shaken hands, not once but twice – peace is possible.

Other reasons to be positive and joyful – same sex marriage is dominating the Australian elections. Admittedly there appears to be a lot of politicians trying to dodge the issue, but it’s certainly at the forefront of the media.

Trees and flowers, always a reason to be positive and joyful. I’d intended going here and will get there before September (oh my, look what’s coming next), but due to various things I ended up spending the day at an arboretum. When it’s all getting a bit too much you can always find solace in a garden:


It was about to rain which is why it looks so grey and washed out, but it smelled fantastic – roses, sweat peas and lavender, mmmm

And my final reason to be cheerful, sadly this only applies to Europeans, but it’s a big one. Soon you’ll no longer have to suffer the graceless stupidity of Nigel Farage, you lucky, lucky people!

I did, unexpectedly, find some archaeology while I was in London, I’ll save that for tomorrow.




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