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Joyful thing the 5th or 6th – I’ve lost count!

June 30, 2016

I’m a bit later than intended posting this, mainly because every time I turn my computer on I get completely sidetracked by the political news. Boris isn’t running having been betrayed by Gove, Angela Eagle is running, having betrayed Jeremy, but now her own constituency want her to go back on this and repeal her vote of no confidence in him. Does anyone else have the theme from Soap running through their heads? Eventually they may all stop fighting long enough to tell us what the plan is. I’m not holding my breath though.

So, let’s move on to the positive and joyful – it turns out when you’re in the City of London you’re never very far away from some archaeology. I knew this, but I had it reinforced quite by chance outside Cannon Street Underground station where I came face to face with some hoardings, these hoardings in fact:



Walbrook Discovery Programme hoardings. Not sure why there’s a picture of a dog, but supposedly she’s keeping us safe, which is nice.

I’d stumbled across MOLA’s Walbrook Discovery Programme.



Pictures of people excavating!


Shiny things!




More archaeology action photos – yes, by this time it was pouring down #Britaininsummer

There was even some archaeology history, this photo is from W.F. Grimes1954 excavation of the London Mithraeum.


and once upon a time the Daily Mail reported archaeology news rather than inventing stories about migrants:


Throw in a bit of social history (with a rather random image of a phallus)


and you have an excellent display.

Because so much of the City of London is so shiny, it’s easy to forget how old it is too. This photo of St Stephen Walbrook with the modern architecture above and beyond gives a good indication of how much of the city looks

WP_20160628_18_54_23_Pro WP_20160628_18_55_32_Pro

And even the nondescript architecture is following the medieval (and earlier) street plans


Surely that was a bit narrow even for a carriage and pair?

A salutary reminder that the City of London is very, very old and certainly worth a visit or several. Even if, like me, you went to see something else entirely,


Tomorrow (probably) ‘The perambulating London Stone or Why I went to Cannon Street in the first place’

In the meantime be positive, be joyful, stay safe






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