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Joyful and positive, said through gritted teeth

July 12, 2016

Well, over here in Brexit-land we’re still participating in political meltdown, because obviously when there’s all manner of external things to be done the best thing to do is have an internal, vicious, leadership battle. My favourite quote of today  was on Twitter from Lee Jackson ‘what say we just give up this whole sorry politics business, start worshipping Cthulhu and hope for the best?’

I’m also indebted to Twitter for this, I do love a ridiculous vintage advert


I wonder if American women archaeologists used this product, I shall have to ask Kate to investigate.

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  1. Monica Barnes permalink
    July 12, 2016 12:02 pm

    Ah, how far we have come from when Julien, in Le rouge et le noir (1830) “smelled, for the first time, the summer toilette of a woman”. Growing up, I sometimes heard nasty comments about people who applied eau de cologne to their armpits instead of a good scrubbing with soap, followed by an aluminum-based deodorant. “They’re just covering up their stench!”

    Years later, I found myself in high summer, in a deodorant supply emergency, and remembered the old expedient of cologne. It works! I think this is because its alcohol inhibits odor-causing bacteria.

    A little experimental archaeology, anyone?

    Monica Barnes

  2. Kathleen Sheppard permalink
    July 12, 2016 3:38 pm

    Monica–I think you should try it and report back. This summer is a good one as it’s pretty hot! 🙂
    I’m on the case for American women archaeologists. I have no clue what Murray did, but I wish someone would have asked Peggy Drower before she died.

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