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More archaeological adverts

July 13, 2016

Martyn sent me this, isn’t it brilliant?


The Times, Friday 25th June 1929, p20

He says: I haven’t yet found out (a) why the Druids used salt or (b) how we know they used salt’. To me, it also suggests that now the world’s a bit old and worn, Druids no longer use salt, which makes me wonder what they use instead and why . . .

Edited to say – after intensive research Martyn has discovered that Druids do still use salt and what it was used for. Not ordinary table salt any more though:

This silky and all natural Celtic salt has been harvested in the old world Celtic tradition from the island of Noirmoutier near Brittany France, where villagers who have been harvesting this salt for over 1,500 years, use wooded rakes allowing no metal to ever touch the salt. Organically harvested, Celtic Ritual Salts encompass their natural color, untouched and unrefined. Pure, natural and sacred.

Use Celtic Ritual salts for ritual upon the altar, cleansing, charging scrying mirrors, casting circles and purification baths. Unlike any salt on earth, its rich natural texture is unique unto itself.

A one ounce glass tube comes to you packed with Organic Celtic Salt, adorned of course, with a silver Celtic charm ~

Of course it does!

Anyway, if anyone has any more adverts do send them over.


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