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I’m Back!

September 9, 2016

And once again singing Back in the New York Groove, I give you Kiss‘ version as a change this time. I’m telling myself it could be worse, I could be singing Back for Good or  something more gangsta by Emimen or T.I. I don’t think the Guinea Pigs would like that. Yes, we now have guinea pigs, it was going to be tiny hamsters but thankfully we talked the 10 year old round – meet Sparkle and Twinkle (I know! I didn’t name them, I wanted to call them Mabel and Clara or Bernadette and Avril)wp_20160909_09_40_36_pro

Anyway, the house is quiet for the first time in weeks (the 4 year old has started school, I’m not sure about this and nor is she) so I’m going to finalise the list for HARN 2016 and post it here shortly.

Now I have my brain as well as house clear of small folk for chunks of the day I’ll be back to blogging regularly. I can’t tell you how lovely that sounds!

Here’s to the end of the school holidays!


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