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Counting – I fail

September 16, 2016

I’m about to post the timetable for HARN 2016 – Whoop! Hooray! Huzzah! etc. But, before I do that I just want to have a little complain about the 24 hour clock. Now, until I tried to put the HARN programme together I’d have said I was fully conversant with the 24 hour clock, I would have looked you steadily in the eye and announced I could tell the time with ease and that I could do simple addition. I might even have boasted that, unlike the other members of this household, I could do simple addition and get the right answer. Not any more. I have been humbled. I’ve converted an hour into 100 minutes and not noticed, I have failed to count correctly in 20s, I have added the hour to the minutes or subtracted the date or something and I’ve had to do maths with the 12 hour clock and then convert it into the 24 hour one in order to get something which is now, fingers crossed, correct.

It’s been a steep learning curve, there has been much swearing and the only bonus – aside from I think we do now have a timetable for HARN 2016 – is that I think Rick now feels better after all those times I’ve mocked his mathematical abilities.


I’ll post the timetable in a few minutes and then you can all tell me where I have made new mistakes. Sigh

Have a great – time and maths free – weekend



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