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Tea With the Sphinx, day 1

September 23, 2016

If you’ve seen HARN’s twitter feed you’ll know I’ve been having an excellent day at this conference, and not just me, there’s been a veritable storm of tweets as we’ve enjoyed all manner of wonderful papers and presentations.

I very nearly didn’t make it in time for Chris Naunton’s keynote speech. I managed to combine my usual anti-talent for map reading with oversleeping. It didn’t help that somewhere in my brain I was sure I knew my way around the campus, I have never been here before there is no reason why I should be able to find my way around. I can only think I was assuming that since my parents were students here back in the 50s I’d have some sort of folk memory of the place, but no. That aside, can I just say the University of Birmingham is beautiful? I had no idea (y’know, what with never having been here before!) but it’s truly lovely, very leafy and in the sunlight the red bricks look particularly fine


The Clocktower, aka Old Joe – beautiful but that clock chimes all night.


From another angle with the sun on brick

The conference venue – the Lapworth Museum of Geology – was also beautiful, it’s been recently refurbished and looks very swish


I have pages and pages of notes from the day and I will blog them, but I’m too tired right now, so instead I’ll leave you with these images


Every conference needs themed cakes made by Nichola Tonks 


She does nail art too.



Teeny weeny Eye of Horus

There was a moment of utter nostalgia and the burning memory of desperately coveting my sister’s secret cat diary


It has been a brilliant day and I am very much looking forward to tomorrow. Look out for tweets




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