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Tolkien and the Lake Dwellings

October 24, 2016

Marc-Antoine Kaeser has been in touch to draw our attention to the following:

Denis Bridoux will be giving a conference on Tolkien’s Lakeville, at Christ Church College, Oxford, next Thursday evening (27th), 8pm, where he has been invited by the Oxford Tolkien Society.
Admission  £2  to members, and £3  to non-members.


Laketown is one of the most iconic places in The Hobbit, but where did Tolkien get the idea? The concept of palafites (lacustrian dwellings), whereby people lived on platforms built on wooden stakes and piles above lake waters in prehistoric times, was first identified in Switzerland in the 1850s. It was soon included in all history schoolbooks, and it is indeed most probably the source for Laketown, but might not Tolkien have had a more personal inspiration? Denis Bridoux’s slideshow entitled Laketown, or How a Mythology for Switzerland Came to Contribute to a Mythology for England, will attempt to answer those questions.

The talk will concern not only people interested in Tolkien, but also in the history of history,  archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, museology, and  Switzerland.

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