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HARN 2017?

February 3, 2017

We’re having discussions over in HARN towers. In fact, we haven’t had a picture of HARN towers for a while, let me remedy that

HARN Towers

(I think we may need a different flag, and it does look worryingly empty, the reality would be full of books, cake, computers and coffee – probably also shiny things if the very-soon-to-be-five year old has anything to do with it.)

So, over here in HARN Towers discussions are taking place and we think we know what we’re doing -but we reserve the right to change our minds, do something completely different and look at you blankly if you mention our previous intentions, ok? – the plan this year is not to have a formal conference. Arranging the last two has taken a lot of time and organisation, plus the publishing side of things didn’t go according to plan after HARN 2016. So, we’re sort of taking a year off, but only sort of, let me explain – rather than a conference we’re going to organise a couple of workshops. One will be held in the USA and one will be held in the UK. They’ll have the same theme which will be announced when we do a joint call for papers, if you want to join us then just sign up for the one nearest you – or the country you most want to visit. Or, y’know, whichever country will allow your nationals to visit. Right now the UK isn’t banning any nationals, but give us a couple of years . . .

Where was I? Workshops. 2017. Autumn, most likely. Venues and theme to be announced. We’ve got various ideas for themes, there was the suggestion way back of ephemera, or we could follow up Kate’s post about correspondence.  Or we could go for another subject entirely, Antiquarians maybe given how strongly we all seem to feel about this? But I think that should be the subject of a bigger and more formal meeting – which leads me nicely to HARN 2018.

In 2018 HARN will be 10 years old. We have to celebrate this! We’re thinking of holding a swanky conference somewhere flash, and this is another reason to take a year off from formal conferencing, if it’s going to be flashy it’s going to need a lot of planning and we’re going to have to organise funding and all sorts of other stuff. So watch this space for details and do volunteer because we are going to need lots of help on this one.

Now, do not misunderstand me, the workshops are going to be good and interesting (and to be honest I really don’t know the difference between a workshop and a conference – even if I do now know what a symposium consists of) they are in no way to be considered as less important than a full conference. We still intend to publish the papers given and we know they’ll be of the usual high standard given our wonderful members, we’re just hoping it will be less organisational work and we’ll have some reserves of time/energy/sanity into ensuring we celebrate our (first) decade appropriately. And, you can help! You could propose a venue, help us raise money, get involved with the organisation, suggest a theme, whatever time and skills you have now is the occasion to volunteer them.

And, have a great weekend while you consider this (mine’s going to be dominated by a 5th birthday party, think pink, think sparkles, think mayhem!)



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