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Cheerful Report

February 16, 2017

Life has been somewhat grim over in HARN Towers and we’re now in the midst of half-term (as ever thank you so much LCC, really grateful for a school holiday in February, bah) so my brain is fried.

Rather than focussing on the sad, let’s look at the cheerful things that have happened since I last blogged: the nearly-five-year-old is now five, She is well and truly five. You couldn’t be more five than she is and we have the pink sparkly house to prove it. She had several parties and several cakes. We had the perennial favourite – the hedgehog cake


To ring the changes, there was also a heart shaped cake and I’m aware I’d fail health and hygiene on so many counts. But, he’s a very handsome cat


There were also many butterfly/fairy cakes, so many that despite the lure of sweets and butter icing my child labourers wandered off leaving me to do the decorating. It turns out that when left to myself with small cakes I am easily bored and start making faces to amuse myself

I am a little caked out now. It’s Rick’s birthday this weekend but we’re off to Scarborough and the cake is his Mam’s responsibility, thankfully, I dread to think what I’d come up with, something like these I suspect.

However, it’s not just cakes around here, oh no, I have more joy to spread, Martyn found this on his camera and sent it to me


Copyright Martyn Barber – I wonder where I could get hold of one

One of his children gave it to him as a present, maybe I should show it to our children so they’re inspired in time for Rick’s birthday?

Martyn also sent me this


Copyright Martyn Barber

Yes, it’s a biplane, yes that is a prehistoric settlement-thing, no, haven’t a clue what the connection is. To be fair I didn’t ask, I just ran with the idea of prehistoric planes, extreme anthropology/time travel, the Mysterious Cities of Gold and all the other nonsense that happens in my head when children have been talking to me all day. There is undoubtedly a very good reason why Historic England have commissioned a replica biplane*, and some prehistoric houses to put on Salisbury Plain, but why let the truth get in the way of a good eyebrow-wiggling ‘huh’ moment?

I will be back next week, hopefully with something other than cake/gnomes/planes to tell you about


*Martyn tells me it’s a completely accurate replica except for the lack of engine, I can’t help feeling this is a good thing since I’m generally law abiding and my first thought was the lack of engine would make it harder to steal. However, if it does go missing, and I don’t blog for a while there may be a connection . . .


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  1. Martyn permalink
    February 16, 2017 9:28 am

    Aha – the absolutely authentic replica biplane actually belongs to English Heritage. Historic England use a Cessna.

    • harngroup permalink*
      February 16, 2017 5:28 pm

      Tch! I knew that! Blame half term. Obviously Historic England wouldn’t have anything so retrograde as a biplane. Silly me!

      • Martyn permalink
        February 16, 2017 8:18 pm

        Why would we be interested in anything that old?

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