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key concepts in public archaeology: the archaeological profession and human rights

February 21, 2017

conflict antiquities

Human rights intertwine with archaeology around the work that is done, the material on which the work is done, the material that the work produces, the labourers who do the work and the communities amongst whom the work is done; equally, they intersect over the work that is not done, the material that is neglected, the narratives that are untold and the people who are marginalised.

I’m happy to say that I’ve contributed a chapter on the archaeological profession and human rights to key concepts in public archaeology, which is open access (OA), edited by Gabe Moshenska and published by UCL Press. (And he says that I don’t blog often enough, though he does have a proper job.)

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  1. Elizabeth A Walker permalink
    April 18, 2017 6:47 pm

    Hi Julia,

    Hope you are having a good Easter. My email address for the HARN Blog seems to have defaulted back to the old freeserve address for the past three posts. I wonder if you could try updating with the new address again please?

    Many thanks, Elizabeth

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