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“Bloodline of the Princes” – The New Sign at the Pillar of Eliseg

April 8, 2017

Howard raising interesting points about heritage, nationalism and the place of archaeology in the new political landscape


This post is about the first-ever modern heritage board installed at the Pillar of Eliseg.

Project Eliseg

After 1 season of survey, 3 seasons of excavation, loads of public talks, blog posts, our interim report written and our project monograph coming together and contracted with University of Wales Press, Project Eliseg has made a lot of progress.

I’ve long been told by Cadw’s inspectorate that they plan, when money is available, to commission a sign board for the Pillar of Eliseg. The aim was that it would incorporate the results of the fieldwork we conducted and Cadw part-funded. There is already a major display around the replica of the Pillar in Llangollen Museum, and Nancy Edwards’s section of the Cadw guidebook to Valle Crucis, but nothing to read about the monument on site.

Knowing this, I had expected the ‘heritage interpretation’ would be in liaison with my colleagues at Bangor…

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