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I got nuthin’

April 13, 2017

It’s the Easter holidays over here and yet again, despite being written in BIG letters on the calendar, this has taken me by surprise and I have no post for you. No post, no plan, barely any brain left. I have been to the cinema several times – it’s been a cold and wet holiday so far – but while I might manage to make some connection between the history of archaeology and Moana, I suspect I’d land myself in deep trouble pretty quickly. There are too many experts on ancient Polynesian myths out there for me to risk it. And I can’t make any sort of history case for Trolls, in fact the only things I can say about Trolls are that the music is excellent (thanks Justin) the plot is ‘meh’ but the 5 year old loved it. I preferred Moana. Up next is, I suspect, Beauty and the Beast and then Power Rangers with the 11 year old – I don’t see there being anything I can justifiably discuss about either of them, although it’s interesting they’ve both caused controversy for including gay characters, see here and here. (But, such minor moments people, come on, to paraphrase Justin Trudeau, it’s 2017 let’s have a bit more reality in film, eh?) No archaeology, though.

I have been reading and when I get the time to think about what I’ve read I’ll be back with a review. Right now I’m concentrating on us all surviving the holidays relatively unscathed. I’ll get back to you about how that works out!

In the meantime, have a great weekend,


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