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Best Laid Schemes etc

May 19, 2017

Because I am easily distracted, I’m now wondering what possible schemes mice might have and once again pondering the word ‘agley’ – has anyone ever actually said this in conversation do you suppose? Or did Burns just make it up? Which leads to memories of the The Writers Museum in Edinburgh, I’m sure it’s now a well worth a visit but back in the 80s it was the worst museum I’d ever visited and seemed to consist of items such as ‘a pen very like the one Scott used to write Waverley‘ and ‘a chair similar to the one Burns sat in to write his poetry’ – oh look, they’ve got one of Stevenson’s boots and ‘Stevenson’s wardrobe made by the infamous Deacon Brodie whose double life may have inspired the novel The strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.’ Maybe it hasn’t changed that much!

Anyway, while I’m sure we could have a fine time discussing the worst museum displays we’ve seen – do add a comment – I’ve actually called in to say I don’t have a post for you this week, the sick has revisited us so I’m trying to entertain a not well 5 year old. I had plans for posts, I might even have reviewed Men from the Ministry – no, not really, but I did have plans. Instead, I’ve spent a lot of time building train tracks 20170519_084848

I suggested we replicate the light railway used at the Caerleon excavations,

but both of my children are resistant to replicating excavations in Duplo or Lego – can’t think why. Although we did have a fine tomb robbery/excavation



Note the crocodiles, snakes and other snares for the unwary tomb robber. Yes, we had spent too much time watching the Indiana Jones films.

I could have a complain about how no-one warned me that having children meant there was no point in making plans because they always come unstuck, but if you have children you know this and if you don’t you will assume that you will be different and organised and I’m happy for you to keep that delusion. I will say that in all our adoption discussions it was the big issues we focused on rather than the minutiae of parenting, we were warned about many things but no-one ever said ‘abandon any attempts to get anything done, evah’.

Anyway, I’m off to rescue a stuck train and build a station for the poor duplo passengers who are currently cowering in the railway tunnel hiding from the giant non-duplo cat who is trying to catch the train – I would show you the video but I can’t upload it, sadly, it is hilarious and, while I think this indicates I really, really need to get out more, is more than making up for all my plans going to ratshit.

Have a wonderful and productive weekend, see you next week when the sick will hopefully be but a distant memory,


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