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CfP – In Search of Connections: The History of Ideas on Australia’s Links with the Indo-Pacific Region (and Beyond)

August 1, 2017

HARN Member, Emilie Dotte-Sarout, has been in touch about the following cfp:

The Collective Biography of Archaeology in the Pacific (CBAP) project will run a session at the Australian Archaeological Association 2017 conference in Melbourne (6-8 December). The call for papers in now open – details available here: Submissions for oral and poster abstracts close 31 August 2017, and we welcome abstracts from far and wide!

Our session is as follows:

In Search of Connections: The History of Ideas on Australia’s Links with the Indo-Pacific Region (and Beyond)

The history of archaeology is marked by ideas of transcontinental and transoceanic connections, contacts, diffusion and migrations. In the 19th century, these had a particular impact in the regions of the world newly ‘discovered’ by Europeans. The period saw the establishment of colonial archaeologies as people questioned the ‘prehistory of others’, initially through an evolutionary framework. Australia was subject to many connectivity and migration theories, ranging from submerged land bridges to surrounding islands, ancient migrations between the Indo-Pacific at  large, and links to American or African continents. Archaeology with linguistics, ethnography, physical and cultural anthropology, art, and material culture studies were used to argue for past connections to more or less distant populations and cultures.

This session contextualises how such theories developed historically and changed over time in light of new scientific approaches and new evidence. We evaluate the development of ideas of ancient links to the surrounding island regions, and how these endured or vanished over time. Also, we consider the significant influence of inter-regional relations between scholars on Australian and Indo-Pacific archaeology.

 If you have any questions please contact Eve Haddow, Michelle Richards, or Emilie

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