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Last Chance To See

September 14, 2017

Warren Elsmore’s Brick Dinos at the Harris Museum in Preston. It finishes on the 17th of September, which is this Sunday.

I realise this is of limited interest, few of you are in Lancashire (or indeed the UK) after all but if you are around here or planning to be in Cumbria next summer then do go and see his Dinosaurs, or indeed any of his other creations: Brick Wonders, Brick City or  – and I think this one would appeal to us all – Brick History. I’m definitely going to make a trip over to Stockton to see Brick History, and I’m really hoping it includes an archaeological dig – imagine the Nineveh excavations recreated in Lego? Or Chichen Itza? Elsmore created palaeontologists for this exhibition so archaeologists would be easy, surely? He could even re-use the tents.


There could be a whole exhibition of famous excavations built in Lego, Schliemann at Troy, Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun, Pompeii, Altamira, Olduvai Gorge – please chime in with the digs you’d like to see recreated, in the meantime these are my favourites from the Brick Dinos




And, best of all, a recreation of the entrance hall of the Natural History Museum


Like I said, if you get the chance to see Warren Elsmore’s work, grab it, the man is a Lego genius.


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    • harngroup permalink*
      September 17, 2017 7:30 pm

      No. Thanks for that. I’m now reading about gingerbread and Vikings. I thibk some reblogging is about to happen 🙂


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