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Call for Papers – EAA Barcelona 2018

January 8, 2018

In relation to the previous post, Harn member, Ana Cristina Martins, has sent us the following:

24th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists – Reflecting Futures

Barcelona, 5-8 September

CALL FOR PAPERS – 2 Sessions (#302 and #598)

The deadline for submitting or modifying an abstract is 15 February 2018, 23h59 CET.


Gendered, diverse, inclusive archaeological museums? Proposals and experiences for a more equal approach to heritage

During the last decades more and more archaeological museums started to include a gender perspective and developed new exhibitions and educational projects. By establishing a critical attitude towards the traditional androcentric discourses and gender roles, museums started to make not only women, but also other marginalized groups in society more visible. Modern archaeological exhibitions seem to be more diverse and inclusive.

Therefore, it is time to present and discuss the different experiences carried out in recent years in European archaeological museums with more gendered, diverse and inclusive approaches, in order to develop a framework of reflection in a “museology of gender and diversity”, conceived as a more integrative, social and egalitarian approach to the heritage presented there.

Paper and poster proposals may include topics like

– theoretical advances in the studies of gender archaeology and its reflection in museums

– museums as an educational tool to achieve gender equality

– experiences in community museums and temporary exhibitions

– public studies as a diagnostic tool to advance in education of equality

– aspects of communication, journalism and merchandising

– experiences of museum educational service and informative departments

With the organization of this session, we intend to highlight the idea that archaeological museums can transmit an inclusive history that helps to make visible the traditionally marginalized groups of society, in order to contribute to a more egalitarian education and to provide a more equal approach to heritage.


Museums, archaeology, gender, diversity, Heritage

Main organiser:

Prof. Lourdes PRADOS TORREIRA (Spain)


Prof. Doris Gutsmiedl-Schümann (Germany)
Dr. Ana Cristina Martins (Portugal)



Archaeology and interdisciplinarity & interdisciplinarity in archaeology: stories of a long and diversified journey (19th-21st centuries)

Rooted in scientific areas as diverse as architecture and geology, archaeology was affirmed in the 19th century through collaboration with other disciplines such as philology and anthropology. On the other hand, archaeology played a fundamental role in the establishment of the fields of conservation and restoration. Meanwhile, it was contemplated in heritage policy and legislation, contributed to the production of knowledge divulged in different supports and ways, as well as to the development of the tourism.

Bringing together interests, purposes and procedures defined by different actors, individual and collective, public and private, local, regional, national and transnational, archaeology has been evolving theoretically and methodologically due to new ways of looking at the past. New ways that have been and are being generated by (and together to) other human and social sciences, as well as enhanced and / or urged by exact and natural sciences.

This session invites papers and posters dealing with topics such as:

– archaeology and other sciences;

– interdisciplinarity, reanalysis and reuses of the past;

– archaeology, heritage preservation and museums;

– teaching archaeology;

– archaeology, journalism, mass communication, digital platforms and new social nets;

– archaeology, cultural tourism and sustainable development.

Following the previous seminar organized within the research project ‘InterArq-Archaeology and Interdisciplinarity’ (Barcelona, 2017) this session aims to obtain a broader (geographical, chronological and thematic) picture of this issue.


Archaeology, Interdisciplinarity; Reanalysis; Reuses.

Main organiser:

Dr. Ana Cristina MARTINS (Portugal)


Prof. Isabel Ordieres Díez (Spain)


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